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Renewing Members
The Clarks Group
200 Brookstown Avenue
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 765-7377

110 S. Stratford Road
Winston Salem, NC 27104
(336) 733-1118

City/County Planning Board
PO Box 2511
Winston Salem, NC 27102
(336) 747-7040

Center City Frame Gallery
625 N. Trade Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(704) 617-1243



New Members
Black Mountain Chocolate Company
732 N. Trade Street
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(828) 686-5511

EBS Executive Suites
300 N. Main St., Suite 2400
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 310-6629

Trouvaille Home Inc.
938 Burke St.
Winston Salem, NC 27101
(336) 245-8965



500 Strong - Imagine More Together
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An Annual Giving Campaign to Support the Downtown
Winston-Salem Partnership

Downtown Winston-Salem

The Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership (DWSP) invites you to join our vitalization movement as we work to have an even greater positive impact on the health, growth, and livability of downtown Winston- Salem. As a not-for-profit, privately funded advocacy organization passionately involved in a variety ofefforts to enhance the core of our city’s economic, social, and cultural strengths, DWSP announces the creation of an exciting new initiative to recruit and foster long-term relationships with individuals who believe earnestly in the importance of a robust and active downtown.

500 Strong

500 Strong is a leadership collective of enthusiastic, dependable, and supportive individuals of downtown Winston-Salem. Through a pledge of annual giving to DWSP, broad and diverse membership in 500 Strong helps fortify all that is distinctive about the core of our city as well as position it for a bright and progressive future. 500 Strong will be an ongoing Individual Donor Campaign, so we are not seeking large donations. Local business and corporate support of DWSP will always be important, but the goal of 500 Strong is to establish a core group of five hundred dependable supporters. For only $100 a year — less than $10 a month — individuals can belong to 500 Strong and be instrumental in the ongoing success of downtown. Donations can be made to our 501c3 supporting organization, the Downtown Winston-Salem Foundation, Inc., which allows tax deductible contributions.

The Impact of the DWSP
How We Enhance Downtown

We make possible exciting public events in downtown Winston-Salem — including the Salute Wine Celebration, the Summer Music Series, and the Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony. Planning and execution of these events require complex coordination of business and organizational interests as well as an ability to navigate challenging implementation processes. DWSP is the producer of these community-building events.

We oversee the production, approval, and implementation of the Downtown Plan, which has been a critical unifying document for building consensus on major projects impacting downtown Winston-Salem.

We continually set new goals to meet arising areas of need downtown, such as installing map kiosks and way-finding signage, promoting mixed-use and pedestrian-friendly zones, helping complete the Civic Plaza Project at 4th and Trade Streets, advocating for a new downtown library, and working with all neighborhood organizations to maximize the best use of downtown land and resources.

We provide loans to small businesses seeking gap financing for startup expenses, through our revolving Meade Willis Fund; to date, over $1M has been loaned to over 17 small businesses.

We promote downtown through marketing and advertising in many media outlets, including our own monthly newspaper and website. Whether it’s a campaign for restaurants, retail shops, or better pedestrian signage, we are always crafting our message in order to make downtown a more appealing destination for all.

We are a primary source of information for potential and existing small business owners, housing developers, and residents. The DWSP keeps a strong database of housing, retail, project, public safety, and demographic information that is free to the public. We also coordinate programs including Downtown 101, Real Estate Roundtable, and Restaurant Roundtable giving a participatory voice to current and interested stakeholders.

What You Might Not Know
The DWSP Needs You

The DWSP receives only 6% of its operational funds from local taxpayers. City and county budget cuts, as well as reduced foundation funding, now make it essential that DWSP seek the help of individual donors to help us fulfill our mission. Your membership in 500 Strong is a critical lifeline to the well-being of downtown Winston-Salem, as funds raised from this new leadership collective will be added to the generous support of our Annual Business Members and the sponsorships that we receive for each of our programs and events.

Please join 500 Strong and help
Downtown Winston-Salem thrive.
Everyone Belongs Downtown.

Now let’s imagine more together.


Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership
Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership